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Featured Products
Swarovski City Watch Grey with Crystals
The new Swarovski City watch - A beautiful combination of glamour and functionality! A fashionable timepiece with a sleek design for sophisticated everyday wear.

Also available in rose gold, gold and jet black PVD.
Price: £236.50
Edblad Ida Bracelet CZ Rose Gold
This elegant Edblad Ida bracelet here in shiny rose gold features two conjoined rings; the larger of which has stones on its side and the smaller with stones around the edge. The rings are attached to a fine steel chain.

Price: £39.00
Stackers Jewellery Trays Cream Set
This full set of the classic sized Stackers which includes all 5 sections in cream is perfect for all of your jewellery storage needs.

LC Designs presents a collection of stackable jewellery trays, perfect for organising your jewellery collection. The Stacker trays are all sold seperately in a variety of designs. As your jewellery collection grows, so too can your jewellery box.
Price: £80.75 £72.68
Swarovski SCS Annual Edition 2016 Lion Akili with Free SCS Membership
Inspired by African wildlife and nature, the SCS Annual Edition 2016 Lion Akili is the most technologically advanced lion Swarovski has ever created.

It is expertly crafted in light and dark brown crystal with an incredible 941 facets for maximum brilliance. A symbol of strength, majesty, and power, and a tribute to family and love’s unbreakable bond.
Price: £319.00